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Facebook world

Facebook world is different from our real world cause we meet many different people; we see many different picture of beautiful human, who, pretend to be what they ain’t, people pretend to be: “sons of a CEO, sons of an oil company manager, sons of vice president of south Africa, daughters of rich men, married women becomes young ladies, ungraduate becomes university graduate, 16 years turn 21 years, etc” some people buy cloth just to take pictures and impress social media, not everybody you meet on Facebook are what you think they are. Boys on Facebook always invite girls they barely on a date or ask for a relationship, it’s true some people met on Facebook from Facebook to WhatsApp from WhatsApp: they met in reality, I met a guy on Facebook, he said; “he’s from Enugu”. We exchanged numbers through Facebook and we chat on WhatsApp and i found out we school in the same university, we decide to meet when school resume_ people might say this girl is crazy how can she trust someone she barely know_ i just don’t meet someone i barely know but that guy is different, he never start his words with:

My father is an CEO

I hate guys who think they have everything. When we met in school, he was cool and everything he told me about himself is true. Some people get lucky through Facebook: some people get married through Facebook, Facebook life is fox in a sheep, i call it a fox in a sheep cloth cause people pretend a lot, if you meet the wrong person you will be in trouble.

The fact of guys automatically falling in love with a girl they barely know on Facebook makes me go crazy. Facebook is the only place where your junior brother’s mate fell in love with you.

Be careful of WHO you met on Facebook

West Africa(Nigeria) vs America

We grow up having a bad mind set that Nigeria is the worst country; we became to turn ourselves into America, some of our Nigeria individual travel to America coming back speaking only English, pretending not to understand Igbo, even if they try speaking Igbo: they speak Igbo with an American accent _forcing themselves to be an Americana “which is ridiculous”_ some Nigerian parents tell their kids not to speak igbo at home; Nigerian teachers at school punish any kid/teenage that try using igbo to chat/discuss in school. We don’t treasure our accent, we are only trying to be an Americana. Igbo, Hausa , Yoruba is our mother’s tongue: English is a foreign tongue, we can’t let a foreign tongue steal away our mother’s tongue. Most country treasure their mother’s tongue example: “China, India, Japan, Philippine”. Yesterday i dropped by at a shop to buy soft drink; to cool my mind cause the weather was so hot, i spoke to the Nigerian Igbo seller in igbo, she replied back in English, every word we exchange she replied all in english_ i don’t know if we are ashamed of our mother’s tongue_ we should be proud of our accent. I love my country Nigeria because our children:

Our children don’t throw words back at us at an early age, our children don’t bring back their boyfriend/girlfriend at age fourteen introducing them to their patents, our children don’t say “hi” to an elder they see for the first time instead they will greet “good morning”, our children don’t claim to know every thing at the age of sixteen, our children don’t shout at us, at age thirteen, fourteen.

We train our kids to have better future. We teach our kids to dress decently. It is very abnormal to see people: kissing, romancing or having sex in public in Nigeria; in America, it is normal to see people doing such. Only 25% of Nigerians live wild life while 85% Americans live wild life.

Pride of a woman

Being a woman is all about: “being strong and confident”. Women are know for soft heart; pure spirit; godly minded. In most film i have watched; women are used as a sign of kindness, example: star dust; “women were used to represent stars”.

As a woman you should package yourself cause people monitor your steps: what you do matters a lot _a man can cheat on a relationship without being judged, a woman will always be judged if caught cheating _ it is a taboo for a woman to woo a man: any woman who woo a man will end up losing her pride as a woman.

Women are known as backer: a man can not succeed without a wise woman. Every women priority should be: “her family; and her husband”, God created women to be a backbone to their husband. Your family; your husband is more important than your business. An arrogant woman loss her pride; and quality. Any woman who commit abortion is not qualified to be a mother cause quality of a good mother is to love her child, abortion is a sister to murdering: any woman who commit abortion is a murderer, killing an infant which is known as _infanticide _ is not a quality of a protective woman, if u don’t want to be a mother yet; then abstain from sex.

Some woman had sex with their boyfriend because they don’t want to loose him_ my dear, he is your boyfriend not your husband_ a man who loves you will respect your decision. Every woman’s decision is meant to be respected even if the decision is silly; explain to her: she will understand because she has a soft heart, no matter how wicked a woman is; she have somewhere within her heart that is soft: “which is known as mothering heart”

As a woman you should not be a Nagger: it is not a quality of a good woman. Women are naturally known as: “a talkative person; wet eyed (good crier)” as a woman your private body is very special to be exposed like a public toilet, every part of your body is priceless, and precious to be disrespected. You should be strong enough to believe in yourselves, even if you fail, try harder cause nobody is infallible. A woman should be an ingenious person; not a person who talk anyhow publicly. A woman should not lower herself to the extend of forcing herself on a man: who don’t love you cause you’re not the one to pay the bride price, if he didn’t love you; he will never marry you.

Women are known as protector: that was why God gave them womb because he trust them, and believe they’re good caretakers

Men duty is to love their women: women duty is to respect their men, don’t be a lover girl to sell your virginity to your boyfriend in the name of love or material things. No woman is ugly cause every woman is naturally resplendent and incomparable, any man that compare you don’t love you. The lost of a lovely woman pains/hurts faster than a knife/sword cut. A wise woman will hear, and increase learning; a woman of understanding attain to wise counsels. A woman is more precious than rubies. A wise woman builds her house: but a foolish woman pull it down with her hand.

Woman of virtues are hard to find this days.

Family love and friendship

On a Sunday morning; preparing for church service; my little siblings running up and down the verandah, i watched the trees and flower dancing according to the tone of the wind. Hawkers selling food stuff along the street. Enugu was so bright that morning: showing the whole world its beauty. After church service; after taking Sunday lunch, i left to meet my two best friends. We started a discussion concerning “family love and friends”

My fair complexed friend said “i prefer hanging around with my friends than my family, I’m so happy, to have amiable friends like you guys, my parents irritate me so much, most of my feelings and thought was unvalidated by my parents, my parents piss me off: anytime i ask for their permission to do things they always animadvert my request; i got this annoying sibling that never keep secrets ”

My friend who got an amazing sweet chocolate skin said to her “they have to animadvert your request cause they are your parent; no matter whatever they say and do; they love you. Blood is sticker than water, not every friend you can trust the way you trust your family”

I said to her “no! I don’t support your words _not every friend you can trust the way you trust your family _ some family hate themselves just like my neighbor at my neighborhood, his mother was poisoned by his junior brother, their father slept with their elder sister; that is not love: that is wickedness. 100% love is no longer found in families: 100% trust is not found in families this century but 50% love and 45% trust is what you can find in families, but to tell you true i love my family than my friends but i can’t share my secret with my family; i share my secret with my friends. Some parents will condemn you: if you try telling them about your SLS (sexual life secrets)

My fair complexed friend added to my own statement “thank you so much for those words, last year i failed my jamb, i felt so depressed and anxious, instead of my parents comforting me; they add more anxiety to my depression by saying things like _ you are the worst child ever, the students who passed jamb are they magicians or did you see them with three heads _ everyday my parents insult me because I’m not in the university yet, i felt so worthless and lost, i was so scared that i might not gain admission into the university this year, but you guys gave me hope”

Note: some Nigerian parents handle their children in a way that their child fear them: not respect them. Parents should train their child to love and respect them: not to hate and fear them. Cause love is not fear; it is biblical


Young Nigerian girls believe that the easy way to make money is by dating a man. University graduand reject a suitor, who don’t ride jeep or live in a mansion, but when they clock 30’s; they will run into a church or a ministry, blaming their witch aunty or relation for not getting married. Any guy who date you at a young age never have an intention to marry you, cause they came for sex. Most married woman without child; their lack of child might be as a result of the abortion, done during their teenage days. Many girls believe that the easy way out of life hardship is getting married to a rich guy: rich guy will one day be a poor guy, poor guy will one day be a rich guy cause the world spin.

Some young girls at eighteen/nineteen date more than five guys at once; and equally have a sugar daddy, who spend money on them.

Many people believe that UNN ( university of Nigeria Nuskka) female student are all runz girls or slay queen but not all student plays runz, my sister is an example.

Most ministry are well populated with young ladies because the prophet is an unmarried man, whenever the prophet announce his wedding 85% of the young ladies varnish front the church, because they came for the prophet but for God.

America is a money making country: not kid raising country , i can’t raise my kid in a country that lack discipline.

Fell in love with a hot law student

Its been up to a year we last spoke to each other. Each time i read the poem i wrote for you, my heart skip a beat. All i can recall is the echo of your voice saying “let me love you” and the imagination of my brilliant smile, i felt the love was a game of lies, cause hot law students are always playboys so i gave up on you.

Here is my poem from my heart : STRANGE MAGIC

When I meet you

I don’t know what to think of

I was running in between thought

I lost control of myself

Meeting you is a fate

Not a mistakes

I call you my friend

But i guess i wanna be more than a friend to you

When you need help

Call unto me

I will free you from ignorance

And plant you in the rank of wisdom

Fly you above the fury of the element

I may not be the kind of friend you want

But i believe i can be of help

Heaven knows that I proclaim

The way i feel when i hear your name

Right inside of me

I can’t explain how i feel

But i will call it “strange magic “


When you came into my heart

My blood vein stopped


Your venom is so poisonous

That i can’t breath again

When i took the poison

From your lips

And sticking it between mine

I knew I’m gonna meet my doom

I should have stay away from you

And you should have stay away from me

I rather take a poisoned apple

Than a poisoned love

You said you are harmless

But why should you poison me

Your poisonous saliva

Went down my fragile throat

Burning it slowly

Non thing has struck me as hard

As what i feel for you

You got poison in your hands

Yet its so soft

You got poison in your touch

Yet its so romantic

Why wouldn’t you unmask your

Poisonous love

And be real towards me

I never knew that a

Broken heart can bleed

Till i took your poison

Depression in teenagers

A teenage life is a very hard one cause growing up is all about learning and enduring. A teenager should never feel so worthless to not even want to brush his/her hair, some teenagers find themselves doing things, they don’t wish to do because they are depressed. depressed teenager need someone to talk to but, “who will they talk to?”, “I’m tired of dreaming of a life I will never have”, that is depression speaking in them.
The method of education in Nigeria, causes depression to our teenagers, failing Jamb more than three times has frustrate a lot of teenager, some parents has find it as a habit to abuse their teenagers, giving them the mind set that, they are the worst teen, maybe because they were not able to gain admission like other teenager, and this makes them feel depressed and left alone.
i found out that 75% of depressed teenagers are the female teen, cause some female teenagers, who got involved in premarital sex, mistakenly end up being pregnant, this lead them into a depressed and forgotten life.
some depressed teenager end up committing suicide, just like one of my friend whose parent treat her in a strict and violent manner, she felt worthless she thought only of two option to disappear from her problem
1. run away from home
2. commit suicide
five causes of depression are:
physical appearance, failure at school and poor social skills.
depressed teenager should talk it out, talk to people you believe in example are your parent, counsellor or pastor.